Monday, November 29

1 Year Anniversary Community Farmers Market!

local. fresh. good.

JO's Famous Artisan Bread

The lucky raffle basket winner! Enjoy your goodies!

Thursday, October 14

HELP US! VOLUNTEER at La Tierra Prometida!

We need your help with:
- Agrucultural Programs
- Office Work
- Fundraising
- Events (Farmers Market, etc.)
- Leading Instructional Workshops (cooking, computer skills, occupational skills, etc.)
- Information on job placement for participants

If interested please contact us at (787) 882-3845

Wednesday, March 17

Why shop at the Community Farmer's Market?

1. Freshness With a few exceptions, produce is brought to the market the same day or within a day of picking. That's fresh! Fresh products are crisp, have good textures, and taste better.

2. Flavor Fruits and produce are picked when ripe, not before. Ripened on the tree or vine adds significantly to flavor.

3. Variety Farmers bring many different varieties of just about every product. Variety provides a great healthy way to enrich ones life.

4. Can talk to the farmer This is really an advantage. Since the person you buy the product from is the farmer, or his/her employee, you can ask anything about the product, for example, where it as grown, what variety it is, if the product was sprayed, and cooking suggestions.

5. Enjoy visiting with others At farmers' markets you always see people talking to one another. They are having a good time.

6. Supporting the local community Each table is used by a different vendor. By shopping at farmers' market you are supporting your community operated by local vendors.

7. Reducing the carbon footprint Distance produce travels from farm to you via a grocery store is often greater than 1000 miles. Transport to and storage at the store often requires refrigeration and these result in carbon dioxide emissions. Buying at a farmers' market results in less carbon dioxide emissions.

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